Welcome Note From Kimberlee Langford

Vice President, Clinical Services
Hello The School District of Osceola County Team,

I’m excited to welcome you to Specialty Care Management (SCM), the preeminent leader in preventing and easing kidney-related issues. With nearly 37 million Americans dealing with kidney disease, we’re committed to helping you and your colleagues navigate this challenge. By choosing SCM as your partner in taking care of your kidney health, The School District of Osceola County has taken a significant step to ensure the overall well-being of its team.

We work with employers to deploy a number of solutions to prevent and manage kidney disease, in particular through our Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) program…

Our CKD Management program lets our Clinical Team actively engage with high-risk and active CKD members. Eligible members will be notified by a member of the SCM team. If you decide to join in, your dedicated Nurse Coach will work with you to tackle any kidney-related health concerns proactively. This CKD program is focused on proactivity and ongoing support, with the goal of potentially avoiding the need for dialysis and improving the quality of life for those affected by kidney problems.

Your well-being, especially your kidney health, is our top priority. We’re here to provide guidance, support, and work closely with you every step of the way.

Feel free to browse the resources on our site or contact us with any questions.

Best regards,
Kimberlee Langford, BSN RN CCM CRMT CPC

Did you know that 37 million Americans are affected by Kidney Disease in the US?

About 1 in 2 people with very low kidney function (not on dialysis) don’t know they have kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease Management (CKD) Management allows our Clinical Team to engage with moderate, high-risk, and active CKD members. If members choose to engage, their dedicated Nurse Coach will work with them to confront and manage renal related health issues.

With the appropriate clinical guidance, members (or their caregivers) within our CKD Management Program can speak with a subject matter expert to cover all aspects of pre or current kidney disease. From lifestyle changes to assist with diabetes and hypertension to tips on how to emotionally deal with the effects of illness on a member and their family, our Nurse Coaches take on a holistic approach with members.

When the transition to Outpatient Dialysis is unavailable, our clinical team will help create an optimal start for members by supporting them clinically and administratively.

Exclusive Program Features

Key differentiators to our CKD Management Program

24/7 access to clinical expert for the member and their caretaker
Key objective is to prevent or delay dialysis
Clinical staff to support English and Spanish speaking populations
Clinical and administrative support for members and their caregivers
CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER: Eligible and interested employees and their dependents will be able to connect 1:1 with their Nurse coach via a secure app, phone, or video. SCM and our Nurse Coach work directly with participants and their health care team. We do not communicate with the employer.
What’s next for me?

SCM Nurse Coaches will be introducing themselves to eligible employees and their dependents, at no cost to the participant.

Employees and their dependents who choose to participate, will begin their partnership with their Nurse Coach.
Each employee has the discretion to continue or pause the partnership at any time.