Renal Dialysis Programs

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management

The best strategy to help minimize the cost of outpatient dialysis is to avoid them altogether.

About 1 in 2 people with very low kidney function (not on dialysis) don’t know they have kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease Management (CKD) Management allows our Clinical Team to engage with moderate, high-risk, and active CKD members. If members choose to engage, their dedicated Nurse Coach will work with them to confront and manage renal related health issues.

With the appropriate clinical guidance, members (or their caregivers) within our CKD Management Program can speak with a subject matter expert to cover all aspects of pre or current kidney disease. From lifestyle changes to assist with diabetes and hypertension to tips on how to emotionally deal with the effects of illness on a member and their family, our Nurse Coaches take on a holistic approach with members.

When the transition to Outpatient Dialysis is unavailable, our clinical team will help create an optimal start for members by supporting them clinically and administratively.

Exclusive Program Features

Key differentiators to our CKD Management Program

No implementation fees
24/7 access to clinical expert for the member and their caretaker
Key objective is to prevent or delay dialysis
Quarterly and annual reporting to show the impact of program for members
Clinical staff to support English and Spanish speaking populations
Clinical and administrative support for members and their caregivers

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