Case Study

Taft-Hartley Dialysis

Total provided billed charges: $4,451,519.20

Specialty Care Management (SCM) Takes Taft Hartley Savings to New Heights

A Taft Hartley Fund sought help from SCM for management of its dialysis claims. Although the fund was utilizing a 20% PPO discount on its claims, it was still incurring significant dialysis costs from managing up to five patients monthly. As a first step, the SCM legal team, at no additional cost to the fund, reviewed the fund’s Summary Plan Description and identified specific plan language to revise as part of a plan amendment. After approval, SCM collaborated with the fund to implement the amendment, working with the patients to maintain quality dialysis care. Members were able to remain at their existing dialysis facilities with no additional out-of-pocket costs.

Specialty CM was able to save the fund over $3.7 million off provider billed charges without members experiencing any disruption in quality of care.

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About Specialty CM:

We’ve designed a new way to manage catastrophic claims—one that brings costs back under control and delivers a complete risk solution. Plus, with double the savings compared to typical network discounts, we deliver maximized savings every time.
Exclusive Program Features:
No Set-Up Fee or Cost Until Utilization so you don’t pay until you have a claim
Fixed, All-inclusive Capitated Rate that protects you from inflation while saving you more off provider billed charges
100% Success Rate on challenges and appeals