Renal Dialysis Programs

Kidney Care Complete (KCC)

Transparency into large claims data allows Specialty Care Management (SCM) to make a real difference

It can be difficult to make a significant impact on kidney disease or high-cost claims if we don’t know they exist!

Kidney Care Complete (KCC) organizes and analyzes monthly claims reports to discover moderate, high-risk, and current CKD members, along with pending or current outpatient dialysis patients. This proactive approach allows for complete transparency for all parties involved.

The current and predictive health status of a population can be recognized and accounted for by searching for treatments and comorbidities within a company’s holistic healthcare experience. Once identified, SCM will create a clear, concise, and impactful clinical and savings-based plan for their client partner.

Exclusive Program Features

The Truth is in the data

Fully integrates with medical claims to be reviewed monthly
PMPM model with Performance Guarantee (ensures positive ROI)
Zero financial risk for TPA, Stop Loss, Broker and clients
Transparency in claims data allows SCM to provide meaningful value
Ealy detection allows for members to smoothly graduate to CKD Management and Dialysis Programs
Timely discovery of CKD and dialysis produces optimal member experience

Uncover a Complete Solution to High-Cost Claims