Case Study

68 Year Old Patient with Breast Cancer

Specialty Care Management (SCM) Delivers Optimized Oncology Outcome

A group came to Specialty Care Management with an open oncology case of a 68-year-old patient whose breast cancer had progressed to stage IV and metastasized to her liver. The patient, who had been the sole caregiver for her terminally ill husband, had delayed her own treatment, which was to include both surgery and chemotherapy. This delay had the potential to negatively affect the outcome of her treatment as well as her overall health and well-being.

Due to the education and encouragement of SCM’s Oncology Case Management program, the patient was stable one year after the completion of her treatment. She received information about viable options and was able to make the most efficacious decision for her health. Working on a true caseby-case basis, SCM’s Oncology Case Management program provided the patient with individualized guidance that ultimately extended and improved her quality of life.

Through SCM’s Oncology Case Management, the patient was encouraged to pursue immediate treatment for her diagnosis. The patient received both emotional support and education about her treatment plan and soon after underwent surgery. Post operatively, she was able to return home with two drains that she effectively managed due to the direction and guidance provided via SCM. Additionally, the patient began several rounds of chemotherapy and received continuous support throughout the duration of her treatment.
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