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We make it simple for our clients to save.

Who We Are

We Know Our Solution Isn’t For Everyone - And That’s a Good Thing.

We only want to work with those that are the best fit, the ones we can deliver the biggest bang for their buck with our new approach to high-cost claims. Specialty Care Management (SCM) provides an innovative risk solution that normalizes claim costs and brings them back under control. Specializing in program designs for renal claims, cancer management, transplants, clinical underwriting consulting and negotiation services, SCM helps clients reclaim their claim spend and experience maximized savings every time.

What We Do

Our goal at SCM is to develop effective, value-added strategies to help you not only manage your high-cost healthcare claims, but also significantly reduce them. With cost management solutions that help you minimize costs, SCM is dedicated to improving your overall bottom line.

How We Do It

Normalize, don’t compromise. With industry-exclusive tools as the foundation of our programs, we normalize claim costs for our clients, bringing their costs under control and putting them back in the driver’s seat. With unique differentiators for certain programs that include a flat case rate, fiduciary responsibility, medical expense protection and an all-encompassing fee structure, we are able to be proactive rather than reactive when helping our clients manage their high-cost claims.
Our Team

Craig Clemente


MBA Northeastern University, concentration in Healthcare Management and Finance B.A. Economics, Drew University.

Craig Clemente currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Specialty Care Management. With a forte for successfully building strong teams and holding a key role leading all facets of business and strategy, Mr. Clemente has successfully positioned Specialty Care Management as a leading expert in its field with respect to the application of best business and finance practices.

Mr. Clemente brings to the company over a decade of success and broad business range that have powered a history of developing successful process improvements that drive productivity, reliability, client satisfaction, and organizational growth. Mr. Clemente specializes in working with risk markets, including stop loss and reinsurance entities, and related MGUs. Rising through various positions at SCM, his broad background has furnished him an astute, working knowledge of underwriting and risk, especially relative to improving current products, as well as developing and launching new products. Mr. Clemente joined SCM in 2009 as Vice President of Operations. He has held some capacity with SCM since its 2008 inception, having served in a number of part-time positions, including auditing, marketing, contracting, finance, and organizational management. Prior to joing SCM in a full-time capacity, Mr. Clemente had worked in the hospitality and finance industries, driving positive outcomes in multiple roles with Omni Hotels, and Hennion & Walsh, Inc. A four-year member of the Self-Insurance Institute of America health care committee, Mr. Clemente was the inaugural Chairman of the SIIA Future Leaders Committee for 2018 & 2019.
Our Team

Rick Garrison

Executive Vice President, Growth Management

B.S. Pennsylvania State University, MBA LaSalle University.

Rick Garrison began with SCM on a consulting basis and joined the team permanently as the company’s Executive Vice President.
Mr. Garrison brings to SCM a wealth of experience gained over 30 years in private and public ventures in healthcare and insurance.

His expertise lies especially in the areas of business development, operations, sales, finance, and equity management. In addition, he has worked closely with the fully insured health and workers’ comp markets, as well as the self-funded and partially self-funded markets within those areas. Prior to joining SCM, Mr. Garrison has served as Chief Operating Officer of M2Gen, starting with its 2007 inception. While with that company, he was responsible for all operational and implementation aspects of the start-up, which created the world’s largest cancer-focused biorepository, supporting research and development of personalized cancer treatments. His experience expands to organizations including ForMost, Virtual Health Systems and MedQuist.

Will Rumsey

Senior Vice President, Sales

Kimberlee Langford

Vice President, Clinical Services & Director of Business Development

Jordan Goldman

Vice President, Finance

Crystal Kowalesky

Director, Customer Experience

Lyndsi Carter

Director, Claims

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