Take Back Control Of High Cost Renal Dialysis Claims

Our dialysis cost containment and chronic kidney disease management solutions are designed to compliment your current healthcare plan and work seamlessly with your existing offerings. Plus, our program completely pays for itself.

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High Cost Claims Are Coming. Are You Ready?

High-cost claims are not an if- they’re a when. With a new approach, Specialty Care Management (SCM) can help you normalize these costs and bring them back under control. And with our industry-exclusive case rate, we make it simple for you to save.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Discover some of our clients’ real-life results, including multi-million-dollar savings and enhanced member healthcare experiences.

Are You Managing Your Claims or Are They Managing You?

Our goal at SCM is to develop effective, value-added strategies to help you not only manage your high-cost healthcare claims, but also significantly reduce them. With cost management solutions that help you minimize costs, SCM is dedicated to improving your overall bottom line.

We Know Our Solution Isn’t For Everyone - And That’s a Good Thing.

Since 2002, we’ve been pioneering a new approach to managing high-cost claims, providing a complete risk solution that normalizes claim costs and brings them back under control. Specializing in program designs for renal claims, cancer management, transplants, clinical underwriting consulting and negotiation services, SCM doubles your savings compared to typical network discounts, delivering maximized savings every time.

Uncover a Complete Solution to High-Cost Claims