Debra Tatum on SCM Services

We had a client that was a small County Government and they had two employees diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease. This diagnosis would require the employees to seek renal dialysis as a treatment. When the reinsurance carrier for the County’s health plan saw that diagnosis and treatment plan they were going to impose two $500,000 lasers on those employees. These lasers would have financially crippled the County and forced them to drop the employee health plan. Luckily the reinsurance carrier introduced us to Specialty Care Management.

I would say that it has been a total “win win: for our client utilizing Specialty Care Management services. At the time we were introduced to Specialty Care Management we were at a loss as to how to help the County with their situation with those employees with the ESRD diagnosis and their health plan. SCM offered an affordable easy solution that made it possible for our client to continue to offer health care to their employees.

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