Debra Tatum on results of working with SCM

Specialty Care Management has been a real partner. Using Specialty Care Management services the reinsurance carrier reduced the lasers on those employees to an affordable rate. SCM was able to re-price the claims to an amount that would allow the County to keep their employee health plan. The re-priced amount kept the employees with the end stage renal diagnosis from escalating their laser amount when the plan year ended.

Specialty Care Management sends the claims in a timely manner to be processed and paid. We have had several appeals sent to us by the renal dialysis provider and Specialty Care Management has handled those appeals each time in a professional manner. With the response to the appeals given to us by SCM the County has been able to dodge being balanced billed by the renal dialysis provider. Our mutual client has used SCM’s services now for three years and are completely satisfied with services rendered by SCM.

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