High-Risk Maternity/NeoNatal Management

Lives can be saved when a high-risk maternity is recognized early on and a continuum of care is facilitated. And, it’s no coincidence that when early, appropriate care is administered at the appropriate level and setting, budgets are positively affected. As a high-risk case is identified, SCM immediately steps forward to work with the patient, family, and the healthcare team to manage care that will ensure the best possible medical outcome at the lowest cost.

SCM offers thorough, effective neonatal care management services at three levels: low risk, moderate risk, and high risk. Our professionals include neonatal care physician specialists and neonate nurses who utilize extensive protocols, guiding the care of premature and neonatal infants. We achieve significant success rates in managing these cases, minimizing the resources required, including financial resources, while maximizing quality of care.

High-Risk Maternity Management Case Study

  • Our Case Manager effected early discharge from inpatient care, normally kept till due date; discharged at 38 weeks, two weeks before anticipated discharge; saving of 14 days in the NICU was $35,000;
  • We steered the patient to PPO Home Care Providers for apnea monitor and two skilled nursing visit for teaching;
  • We negotiated the home care Synagis pricing for home administrator; price, including skilled nursing, was $800 x 6 doses(AWP – 15%) for saving of $240 per dose or $1440 for series;
  • Total savings realized on this case was $36,440