SCM minimizes and manages catastrophic risk dollars. Our all-encompassing programs begin with utilization review and case management, where we identify the catastrophic cases that require a move to our specialty programs. Our programs impact catastrophic and high dollar conditions/treatments inclusive of renal dialysis, cancer, transplants, high-risk maternity/neonate and premature/fragile infants. SCM has found these areas most costly for a healthcare plan, traumatic for patients, and problematic to your bottom-line. The SCM difference is we follow the member through their continuum of care, identifying those cases that carry the greatest risk to your plan.

SCM services and programs are designed to complement your current healthcare plan and work seamlessly with your existing offerings. Targeting these specific catastrophic areas, SCM provides members access to the highest quality care, management, and medical oversight while offering significant savings to you. Simply stated, we offer access to high quality, expanded care with more choice, at discounted costs. Once these programs are in place, and the services have been provided, our nation-leading medical bill review product assures charges are reasonable, accurate, and appropriate, insuring the value of your healthcare dollar.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to experience savings of 90% or more off provider billed charges.


At SCM, we’re here to help our clients reclaim their claim spend—one high-cost case at a time. If you ever have questions on the best way to represent our brand, please do not hesitate to reach out to (267) 544-0566, or through our Contact Us page.

Our exclusive flat case rate option guarantees that you are never subjected to the risk of inflation—plus we double your savings compared to typical network solutions.

At Specialty Care Management (SCM), we’ve heard it time and time again, “Your solution to high-cost claims sounds too good to be true.” And with many of our programs offering easy integration, no cost until utilization, fiduciary protection, medical expense protection and a program that completely pays for itself, we can’t say we’re surprised when people wait to hear the catch. But with SCM, there isn’t one.

Not only is our solution no hassle to implement, but it’s also a no-risk, all-reward way to take back control of your high-cost claims. Unlike typical cost containment solutions, we don’t stop at renal claims.


We deliver a complete risk solution to your high-cost claims that makes sense– and maximizes savings:

  • Renal Dialysis
  • Negotiation Services
  • Cancer Management
  • Transplants
  • Clinical Underwriting Review




At SCM, we make it simple for you to save. So simple and straightforward, in fact, that our solution completely pays for itself. No guesswork, no games—just normalized claim costs that are consistently under your control. And with program designs that offer no set-up fee or cost until utilization, it’s a no-brainer—SCM is the smartest move you can make for your high-cost claims.

Ready to experience a no-strings-attached solution that’s guaranteed to save you money?

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