SCM Founder Talks Self-Funding Across the Pond


Specialty Care Management (SCM) recently traveled to London for the Transcontinental Self-Insurance Symposium (June 4-6) to help self-funded entities from across the globe ‘mind the gap’ between rapidly changing political and business markets and how these could affect them in the future. During this new symposium organized by the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA), SCM’s own Founder and Chairman, Robert Clemente, spoke about the future of self-funding and discussed solutions to the challenges self-insurers continue to face.


Bringing together industry executives from both sides of the Atlantic, the Transcontinental Self-Insurance Symposium aimed to connect self-funding innovators from the U.S., U.K., and EU to discuss key market trends and business opportunities related to emerging risk transfer solutions.


Speaking to these self-funding delegates at Lloyd’s of London, Mr. Clemente provided insight on both the latest developments within the self-insurance marketplace as well as the industry-exclusive risk solution that SCM offers.


Supplying a complete risk solution to help support the self-insurance community even as changes occur within the industry, SCM will continue to lead the conversation about the future of self-funding—both at home and abroad.