SCM Discusses How to Put Out “Claims Fires” With Captive Audience

Speaking at Pareto Captive Services

SCM set the captive world ablaze during their recent visit to Pareto Captive Services in Nashville as they discussed how SCM can act as the firefighters of the high-cost claims arena. During their address to the audience of 500 people, SCM COO Craig Clemente, who presented along with President and CEO Rick Garrison and Katz/Pierz representative Shay Cowan, donned a fireman’s helmet as they discussed how SCM not only extinguishes the fires of high-cost claims but also can help prevent these fires from ever happening.

Just like a fire can happen to anyone at any time, high-cost claims, such as those for dialysis, can crop up without warning and spiral quickly out of control. Through a real Pareto Case Study, SCM illustrated how their different approach to managing dialysis claims enabled them to reduce provider charges to the captive by 90%—which equaled over half a million dollars in savings.

Putting out and preventing these claims fires is at the core of what SCM does for its clients and we look forward to generating even more savings for Pareto and other captive groups going forward.

Download the Pareto Case Study