To Our Customers, and Customers To Be…


It’s no secret that some of the most costly claims within the health insurance market stem from a small number of high-dollar diagnoses- and these costs can be especially catastrophic for self-funded benefit plans. SCM exists to save our clients significant healthcare dollars while enhancing the healthcare experience for patients/employees. Our customers come from all aspects of the self-funded marketplace.

What if you could find a program that not only manages catastrophic claims costs but also has been proven to reduce them more than any other solution in the marketplace?

It’s not uncommon for our clients to experience savings of 90% or more off provider billed charges.

SCM specializes in assembling a synergistic, comprehensive range of managed care products and services, networks of Centers of Excellence, and other quality healthcare providers targeted to the catastrophic care marketplace. We work around the clock to reduce the costs of catastrophic care for our clients. Not only is our solution no hassle to implement, but it’s also a no-risk, all-reward way to take back control of your high-cost claims. Unlike typical cost containment solutions, we don’t stop at renal claims. We deliver a complete risk solution to your high-cost claims that makes sense– and maximizes savings

We can help bring down the costs of catastrophic care to a more reasonable level. Further, we manage cases and costs to ensure significant savings to your bottom-line. SCM products and services complement your existing programs for seamless administration and ease of access.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Contact Us to learn how.