Oncology Case Study-Breast Cancer

68 Year Old Female with Breast Cancer

68 year old female patient diagnosed with breast cancer via biopsy. She delayed her surgery and treatment to care for her husband who was much older (80’s) and dying of pancreatic cancer. They have children who were not supportive so she was the sole caregiver. After her husband passed, she was encouraged to pursue treatment for her diagnosis. Her oncologist

ordered scans and she was found to have liver mets. Now with stage IV disease, mastectomy followed by treatment and was discussed with the patient.

She was emotionally supported and educated on the surgery and reluctantly underwent the surgery. She went home with 2 drains post operatively and managed them well with education and guidance despite her original thoughts. She began 8 cycles of chemotherapy and was educated and supported through her treatment. Her disease is stable 1 year after her treatment has completed.

Care Solutions Oncology Case Management provides support of the

decisions the patient makes while educating on viable options. Encouragement and support during her grieving period provided this patient guidance to make and follow through with medical decisions which extended and improved her quality of life.