36 Year Old Female with Stage II ER+

36-year-old female with ER+ breast cancer who completed treatment of chemotherapy and radiation was to take hormone therapy. She decided against taking the therapy due to the s/e she read about and the cost of the medication. She had a high drug co pay for Arimidex. She was educated on the risks of recurrence and was assured support and guidance during therapy to manage the s/e. The pharmaceutical company was contacted and she was assisted in completing the indigent program forms. Her application was accepted and the manufacturer would send her free drug for treatment. She was followed for 6 months after beginning Arimidex and managed the side effects well. Most of her side effects resolved after the first 3 months. She assured CM of compliance with taking this medication.

Projected savings for adherence to hormonal therapy is $3,727
(Cancer 106: 1875-82; 2012)

Drug cost savings: Wholesale cost per 30 days $495.96 Retail Cost x 2 = $991.92

A 12-month supply saves: $11,903.04