Caring for Stage 4 Kidney Disease Patients Through Renal Case Management

Stage 2 to stage 4 kidney disease costs Medicare more than $49 billion each year. This doesn’t even compare to the costs incurred as the patient’s condition deteriorated.

30-40% of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes will progress to stages of kidney failure. The total estimated cost of diabetes in the United States is over $245 billion annually.

These costs account for the largest portion of healthcare expenses in the US. Medical plans struggle to find the best care and minimize financial burden.

The proper renal case management can ease stress and reduces the financial toll.

Keep reading to see how the right renal case management can benefit everyone.

Fewer Mistakes and Better Care

Medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the US. This doesn’t count millions of deaths not classified as medical errors but caused by them.

Renal Case Management streamlines and consolidates a patient’s care. Case management monitors treatments, medications, and care plans. They ensure the right course is being taken. This leads to fewer medication interaction errors.

Errors in treatment plans get corrected before implemented. Patients are safer and healthier. Billions of dollars saved because of fewer errors. Expenses reduced because unnecessary and redundant services get eliminated. The best course of action is identified and developed earlier.

Proactive Education with Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Many patients don’t feel in control of their health but with the right education, they can be. Stage 4 kidney disease is a difficult diagnosis emotionally and financially.

Educational resources for patient care providers help ensure they make the healthiest choices. Outcomes improve and complications reduce when compliance with best practices is enforced.

Healthcare plans can experience millions in savings with proper renal case management.

The dialysis costs for one patient can range between $45 000 and $90 000 monthly. Transplant programs, co-existing conditions, and other complications can add up to millions.

Legal Benefits of Renal Case Management

Renal case management services that include a defense fund relieves the client’s responsibility. A CDF can completely end financial liability for anything above actual medical costs.

Dealing with the medical, financial and legal burdens of stage 4 kidney disease can be confusing and overwhelming. It takes knowledge and expertise.

Renal case management is the most efficient way to accomplish this. Experts in their field manage each case. RCM allows collaboration to make the best decision for each individual situation.

The Expertise of Renal Case Management

It’s a complicated diagnosis and treatment process to manage and requires expertise. Renal case management provides a team approach to minimizing costs. It ensures the best course of action.

Collaboration occurs between:

  • A Registered Nurse who becomes the case manager assigned to the individual case,
  • A Medical Director who has specialized training and expertise in the areas of endocrinology and nephrology
  • A specialist in nutrition
  • Expert in pharmacology expenses and concerns
  • Financial specialists focusing on renal billing and coding

Providing the right care while minimizing the financial burden is not easy. It can be easier and more efficient with the proper renal case management.

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