The Annual Kidney Dialysis Cost in USA

Patients diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD) have very few options.

If they’re very lucky, they’ll be to get a kidney transplant. Otherwise, they’ll need to go on dialysis. Dialysis patients need a lot of resources to stay healthy.

Most insurance companies will cover the bulk of the cost. However, your clinic is likely caring for uninsured patients paying for their treatment out of pocket as well. The kidney dialysis cost in USA is extremely high.

If you want to lower your clinic’s costs, you need to know exactly what the average rates across the country are. Let’s review the typical dialysis cost per year.

ESRD Statistics

End stage renal disease is a serious health problem that affects nearly 650,000 Americans every year.

Minorities are significantly more likely to be affected. African American patients are 3.5 more likely to be diagnosed with ESRD than Caucasians.

Researchers believe that incidents of ESRD are increasing significantly. If your clinic is treating a lot of dialysis patients, there’s a good chance that the number will increase over the next few years.

ESRD patients who receive a kidney transplant have a 3% chance of dying within 5 years of their procedure.

Patients who undergo dialysis have a 65% chance of dying within 5 years.

Types of Dialysis

There are two different types of dialysis.

Hemodialysis is by far the most common. About 90% of patients use this method. The patient’s blood is filtrated outside of their body before being replaced.

However, it’s very physically grueling. Hemodialysis patients need to come in for treatment 3 times a week. Each session last hours and can be very draining.

Only 35% of hemodialysis patients will survive 5 years of treatment.

Peritoneal dialysis uses a completely different method to filter the blood. A permanent tube is surgically implanted into the abdomen.

Cost of Dialysis Treatment

The cost of dialysis treatment varies widely depending on where the patient is treated.

Dialysis treatments are most expensive at the hospital. Some hospitals charge as much as $9,900 for a single emergency treatment.

Receiving the same treatment at a health clinic would cost an uninsured patient about $500. It’s estimated the annual cost for hemodialysis is $89,000. A year of peritoneal dialysis will cost around $53,000.

Costs are increasing but they can be managed.

$42 billion is spent on hemodialysis in the USA every year. The vast majority of the money comes from Medicare.

It’s likely that kidney disease care represents a large part of your clinic’s budget.

Kidney Dialysis Cost in USA

The average kidney dialysis cost in USA is very steep. Every year, only a fraction of the people on the kidney transplant are matched with a donor organ.

That means that the vast majority of ESRD patients still rely on dialysis. They represent 1% of the Medicare population but they use 7% of the resources.

Figuring out how to lower the costs would help a lot of patients. It would also ensure you have more funds to run your clinic.

We can help you trim your bottom line. Give us a call today to learn how.