About Us

AboutUsWelcome to Specialty Care Management (SCM)! ¬†We are a dedicated team focused on saving you significant healthcare dollars and in the cost of dialysis while enhancing and improving your employees’/patients’ healthcare experiences. Clinical outcomes studies over the past 20 years have demonstrated that the most experienced medical centers generally have the most cost-effective results. At SCM, we are always concerned with ensuring the efficacy, quality, and continuum of care. That said, we are experts in specialty and catastrophic healthcare: a range of care that presents to you high financial risk. These are high-cost, complicated cases that fall under the catastrophic healthcare categories. We manage such cases, and the costs incurred, so you don’t have to; and, frankly, we offer access to high quality healthcare solutions, while at the same time providing discounts that otherwise may not be available to you. And all you need to do is let us do the work for you.

Although SCM evolved as an independent entity in 2005, its lifeline goes back to 1994 in both concept and practice. At that time, and since, SCM’s products, services, processes, and networks were being visualized, assembled, executed, and offered to the marketplace with tremendous success in terms of real dollars saved for all types of payors and tertiary care services. As a result, a higher level of quality care has been offered to employees/patients.

Seasoned professionals make up the SCM team, from executive management to nurses, to “backroom” specialists, support staff, and carefully selected management partners – all have significant experience in catastrophic care. Our management envisions progressive, forward-thinking services and products that specifically address the dynamics of the catastrophic healthcare marketplace. The people behind SCM are experienced at working with the gamut of high-risk cases and are specialists in working with the corresponding types of payors, from large, self-funded entities to partially self-funded employer groups and unions, stop loss carriers, and fully-insured healthcare plans. We customize and bundle services to meet your needs and those of your employees/patients. SCM strives to make this complicated area of healthcare less of a complication for you, and less costly.

Let us help you shoulder the load of managing high cost healthcare! Contact Us today.